Chartwell Golf and Country Club is pleased to offer membership in three categories to invited prospects. As a private Distinguished Gold Club of the World, memberships require sponsorship by current Club members. All membership classifications have equal voting privileges and are non-equity. 

Full Golf Membership at Chartwell allows an individual and their family to enjoy the use of all Club facilities. This includes full access to all practice areas, tennis courts and winter tennis, clubhouse, swimming pool, and all social / dining events.

  • Our Young Executive Membership is intended to give the under 40 members a place to enjoy club life with their family and friends. Young Executives are granted the same access as a Full Golf Members.

Tennis Membership at Chartwell allows members to have full access to tennis courts and winter tennis, swimming pool, clubhouse, and all social / dining events.

Social Membership grants access to the clubhouse, swimming pool, and all social and dining events.

All memberships provide equal privileges to the Member’s spouse and dependent children under the age of twenty-six; unmarried children ages 21 through 25 shall have the use of those Club facilities to which their parent(s) are entitled. Our memberships are designed to meet and accommodate the recreational, social, and business needs of our members. If interested, please contact Lo Honeycutt – Membership and Program Director at: (410) 987-0400 or

By direction of the Club’s Board of Directors, Membership at Chartwell Golf & Country Club is by invitation only. Every Club member has the right and privilege to propose friends and associates for membership in their Club. This maintains the exclusivity of a Private Club Membership.


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