What is Chartwell Young Leaders?
Chartwell Young Leaders, founded in 2016, arose from the collective ideas of several Chartwell parents, Marci Flynn, Diane Jones, and Meredith Miller.  These ideas culminated into a volunteer youth group that since has grown in youth membership.
We welcome all youth Chartwell Golf & Country Club members, ages 9 to 18!  Kids meet about once every 6 to 8 weeks at the clubhouse, and along with our youth-led board, we get to know each other and share ideas for future events.
Our Mission
The mission of Chartwell Young Leaders is to promote leadership, charity, friendship, loyalty, and life-long memories for the junior members of Chartwell Country Club (ages 9 - 18 years), through meetings, outings, and events focused on these core values.

We are looking for new youth members!!!
No need for any prior experience, you can show up and absorb the thoughts and ideas our youth have to enhance our club and communities!
Chartwell Young Leaders 2019-2020 Board
President: Hannah Verreault
Co-Vice Presidents: Brady Jones and Luke Miller
Treasurer / Secretary - Sophie McAvoy
Social - Katie Flynn, Caroline Peterson, Izzy Ubriaco
Education - McKenna Miller, Leah Salkeld
Membership / Outreach - Ryleigh Connell (younger members), Bo Fowler (older members)
Charity - Carys Preston, Meg Mahoney
Past Presidents: Peter Regala, Lauren Lombardo
Parents Advisors: Jenny Regala, Diane Jones, Meredith Miller, Adrian Prestonm and Marci Flynn

Upcoming Events & Meetings
Stay tuned for upcoming events! Want to join the CYL email list? Please email Marci Flynn at marci.c.flynn@pjc.com. 

Prior Events
Stop Hunger Now Meal Packaging - over 10,000 meals were packaged and donated! 
CYL Cookbook - Published and sold 200 books
AAMC Pediatric ER Holiday Caroling and Gift Donations 
Ronald McDonald House volunteer night 
Dinners with Leaders events, including Actress Christy Chambers and Under Armour’s Kevin Ross as well as Town Hall with Steve Schuh 2017-2018
Want to join? Any questions? Contact Marci Flynn at 443-768-3105 or